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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Probationary Period for the New Employee in Singapore

I am happy to tell you guys that my nephew had found a job in a construction firm here in Singapore.

It was quite a bumpy ride for him before he got there and I can relate what he feels about it based on what I had experienced.  

He's starting his new job now and was given the Employment card.  The card is important for foreign workers to bring along inside their wallets when going around Singapore.  There's no need to bring the passports once you have the identification card.  I have seen random checks along the streets with the Police officers.  So, if you don't have the identity card (IC) with you, only Police knows where you'll be going.

What is the Probationary Period in Singapore?
Employers wants to know how the employee performs for a given short period of time.  That is why they have these Probationary Period for the new employees.  This is where they'll  assess the employee's performance and attitude towards work.  

Some mistakenly thought that the assessor is only their direct head (Supervisor or Manager), but this will not usually be the case. The people that will check your performance is also the whole team.  These includes your colleagues and the administration staffs.   They will look at your way of getting along with them, which is attitude.  You will not know when your boss will ask them about you.

In Singapore, you will be given 3 months of probationary period, which was applied to my nephew's.  This is the time to show how good you are and how well you work with a team.

The management, as per contract, can assign you in any department and/or out of the country job.  They will give you an allowance.  As a probationary employee, you need to show them that you're sincere and accepts the job (legal) in any place and time.

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