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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Price of Beer in Singapore

We, Filipinos, are social people, making it sure that we meet friends and few acquaintance every weekends.

One way to celebrate with friends is through drinking beer.  So, last weekend, together with my friends, we planned to drink beer and buy "pulutan" (finger foods).

What are the brands of beer in Singapore?
We went to NTUC (FairPrice Grocery Store) to buy few cans of beer,  and there are lots of them.  I checked the beer corner and found few brands.

These beers are quite famous in Singapore; (Tiger, Anchor, Raffles, San Miguel, Guinness, Carlsberg, Heineken, Scool, Asahi & Kingfisher). These are all what my eyes could remember.

For me, no matter how famous the beer is, they taste just the same with others, still bitter.

How much is the Beer in Singapore?
Being known as the thrifty guy, I looked for the brand that is the cheapest.  I found one brand and it's the beer labeled as Anchor.  As I rolled my eyeballs to the shelves, I found a beer that is on sale, Yes! So I took 1 box, which has 6 cans, and was labeled as Raffles.

I bought few "pulutan" and hurriedly headed to the counter.

I'll show you how much is the total cost of my items in the receipt, just to give you an idea.

Raffles Exp Lager (6 cans)       - SGD 8.95  (cans in 330ml)
Anchor Beer (6 cans x 2)         -        22.40
Camel Peanut Ikan/Bilis (80g)  -          0.76
Lemon Cuttlefish ( 120g)         -           2.45
Peanut with shells (150g)         -           1.15
               Total with 7% GST  -          35.70

We headed back home, excited, and placed all the beer inside the fridge to chill, and prepared for the drinking session.

How much is the Price of Beer in Bars/Pubs in Singapore?
Of course, beer in pubs and bars are more expensive than in the grocery store.  These pubs need to pay taxes to the government, you know!

The beer costs from SGD 12.00 to SGD 14.00 each can, my goodness!  The taste will just be the same, but of's different if a pretty girl is drinking at the next table and stealing glances with you. (day dreamer!!)

So, better drink beer once a year, to save money and spend it with your family.  Cheers!

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