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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Expressways in Singapore

Driving along the expressways in Singapore is, for me, better than Philippines.  The road is too smooth, which you can only count those exposed bumpy areas.

I don't have to bother dodging the uneven pavements and just concentrate on watching the cars and passengers around me.

The road signs are huge enough to see it from a 250-meter distance.  The arrows and lines marked on the road are heated colored-asphalts (white, red or yellow) and around 1/8" thick, which can last for many years.

As compared to my place, the contractors use latex paints (for concrete walls) that can last for less than a year and the thickness is, never mind!  The faster it fade, more money is made! @#$%^$!

What are the Expressways in Singapore!
Anyway, Singapore have a total of 8 Expressways as of now.  These are the AYE, PIE, KJE, SLE, CTE, KPE, TPE, and ECP.

The following is the list of the expanded names of these Expressways.
AYE - Ayer Rajah Expressway
PIE - Pan Island Expressway
KJE - Kranji Expressway
SLE - Seletar Expressway
CTE - Central Expressway
KPE - Kallang-Paya Leybar Expressway
TPE - Tampines Expressway
ECP - East Coast Parkway

One way lanes of the expressways usually have 4 or, like the KJE, has 5 lanes.  So, you can imagine the width of the whole expressways.  My friend told me that US is wider than Singapore.  My goodness!

What are the Speed Limits in Singapore?
Singapore have Speed cameras located at some strategic points and traffic cameras are everywhere.  I can't tell exactly the location, it's up to you to find out.

You can also find out where the location is, when riding a taxi.  Specially at night or dawn, some taxis are running  more than 90km/hr, which is the maximum limit at some expressways.  Once they start to decelerate without any reason to below 80km/hr at PIE or 90km/hr at the AYE, there should be a speed camera ahead.

The speed limit of the expressway depends on the location.  As soon as you see the round sign with white background, red circle line on the outline and with a number, usually 80 or 90 in the center.  That is the maximum speed.  But in general, 90km/hr is the limit.

For the small roads, the limit is usually at 50km/hr.  These speed limit road signs can be seen just after the traffic lights.  Check the sign first so you will not press it more than the limit.

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