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Friday, October 14, 2011

Coolest Job in Singapore

Playing with computer games takes away your stress and can divert your thoughts to a different dimension.  This is better than drugs, Kids!

I was addicted by commanding Peons, Humans, Zerglings, Undead, Orcs, etc.. and even building those Command Centers with vespine gas refinery and mining minerals.  You name it! Gameplayers out there, you know these, right? Those days were gone now, I'll leave it to my boys.

I wonder if I had a job and it involves playing games where I can go to work at 8:30am  and leave at 5:30pm like a regular employee.   Ideal job right?

What is the coolest department in NTU Singapore?
One day, I was at the NTU (Nanyang Techonological University) and was at the building N4.  When I was on my way up to the elevator, I checked the list on the board of departments to see where I should be going.

I saw a computer department and others...and the one that surprised me is the "Game Lab".  Wow!  I never thought that they have this kind of department here.  They are really serious in creating more than the Angry Birds, huh!

As what I have researched, this Game Laboratory was established in April 2004 to push Singapore to new areas of gaming technology.  Singapore wants to explore the creative use of new technologies for the advancement of the gaming media.

Imagine if my job involves testing or even developing a gaming platform.  This will be the coolest job ever!

What do you think?

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