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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Sentence of Illegalities: Fake Degrees in Singapore

People are willing to do illegal things just for the sake of money.  This is the Reality!

I have heard and read few stories about these situations and it really make me feel dismayed.  These people are working not in their country and they know that this is Singapore, where law is the Law!

A Filipino Guy was Jailed
I heard from a friend that she had read from a newspaper about a Filipino who was visited by an MOM and a police officer at his HDB home.  The charge was that the Ministry Of Manpower had discovered that his degree certificate is FAKE.

He was then brought to jail, confiscated his passport and will undergo further investigation and will be charged in court.

Chinese Nationals Jailed 
A latest news from Yahoo Singapore* that there were 18 Chinese Nationals caught having fake degrees.

They have degrees from Jiangsu, Shandong and Henan Universities and applied for an employment and S Pass with a salary rate of S$2,800 and S$2,000 consecutively.  But all of these had been proven FAKE!

They were recruited and promised to have a descent and high paying job for a fee of S$8,000 from the agent.

The Chinese were sentenced to jail in Singapore for a period of 4 weeks each.

*source: Yahoo Singapore (The Full Version)

Why Some People Make Fake Degrees?
There are a lot of reasons why they make fake degrees.  All of these reasons will be chained and tied into one. It's all about MONEY...

Manpower from any country were forced to go here in Singapore because the salary is 4 to 10 times higher.  The problem is that some have been hooked by the EVIL Agencies and they suck a lot of money from them even before having paid by their employers.

The reason of the Chinese nationals is that they don't have no choice but to fake their degrees because they need to earn back the agent's fee of S$8,000.  Money depleting and some of their relatives are sick, so they have no choice.

My friend was hired by an Agency back in the Philippines and was forced to pay a total of S$3,000 for the agent before commencing his new job.  His salary when he got here was at S$2,000 with an S Pass.  Lucky that he has an authentic degree certificate.

He have to work for 2 months just to earn back his expenses.  Is it fair?

The bottom line of this is that if someone commits legal doings, he must be jailed.  When you do things like these in Singapore, there will be no excuse.

The lesson of this is that we must do things legally.  Even if it's in your country or not, we should do it the right way.
"There was a saying that if there's a smoke, there's definitely a fire burning."
Eventually, fake degrees are made to be discovered.

There are plenty of other ways to be able to work here in Singapore like having an EPEC, headhunters & Agencies that will just deduct their fees from your salaries once a month, for a period of 2 months.

"Work hard for the Money, Sleep tight with Legality." - Ben


  1. an employee in my office has diploma which he claimed as master degree.. how do i report this to MOM?


  2. Myself Cynthia from V.Kallupati,A.Vellodu,Dindigal
    This is to bring to your knowledge that Mr.Raphel Arockiam my husband has been absconded from Indian for more than 3 years and while enquired in the address mentioned in his passport none is aware about such person
    Mr.Raphel Arockiam who is a drop out of Raaja ITI Dindigal.624003 during 1999 to july 2001,as electrician Reg No 2371417 using fake Diploma certificate purchased through illegal means by money from Srinivasa Polytechnic Diploma, Mechanical Engineering, 1999 - 2002 has acquired Permanent Residency from Singapore S8281233D and this person is also not available in his singapore IC address too .​​
    He is Employed as Arockiam Raphel | Mechanical Engineer | Civil & Structural and Marine Engineering | HyfluxLtd (Regn no. 200002722Z) | 80 Bendemeer Road | Hyflux Innovation Centre | Singapore 339949 | Mobile: +6585228041 | Main: (65) 6214 0777 |
    His old Passport number K0833074.​

    Sir/Madam, i wish that legal action would be taken and measurable steps against Mr.Raphel Arockiam and inform other legal authorities too regarding this fraud and confiscate his passport holding rights.

    I assure you that the information given by me is purely correct,still for your further scrutiny i herewith provide you my details.


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