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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Indian Passport Holders and Visa Applications to Singapore

Author: Jeevan Gopal 

Readers to note, this post is about Indian passport holders and Indian Visa applications only !.

Do I need to visit the Mumbai or Chennai Consulate ?
It all depends on where your passport was issued from. Mine was issued at Mumbai, so I applied to the Mumbai Consulate. For passports issued in Southern India, visa applications would go to the Chennai Consulate and for Northern Indian Passports, it will be Delhi.

Please do check these links, depending on where your passport is from. Please make sure and call the Consulate, where your application be submitted!

It says here (in the Mumbai link) that direct applications can not be made, you'll have to use the services of an approved agent. I used Akbar Travels, and they were quite capable and helpful. The visa application fee was Rs 1050, and their service charges were Rs 800. So I paid Rs 1850 in all to the Akbar Travels guys to apply for my Visa. SOTC, Kouni, Thomas Cook etc. may also be other options for you. This also answers your questions about where and how to apply for the visa.

How Much Money to Show for a Visit Purpose in Singapore?
The status of my bank account was not so great when I filed for Visa. I had to get the past 6-month statement, signed and stamped by the bank. 

On asking if I needed to have a few laks in my account (like US or UK visa requirements), the visa agent said it was not a big deal. As long as the account shows some transactions and has a few thousand rupees in it. 

At the time of getting the statement, it was all good. My account had like Rs60,000 - Rs70,000 in it, so I didn't worry about it. It would not be a great idea however to have little or no money in the account! 

They basically check if you have the means to at least get a return ticket and sustain yourself during your stay in Singapore. 

So, it's up to you. But, I recommend having around a lakh rupees in there, just to be safe. You don't want to take chances.

I've got the EPEC, with a couple of UK degrees and 5 years of working experience. I've been applying to my kind of jobs for the past few weeks. Not a bloody peep from anyone. I know it's a waiting game, you must have patience and spirits must be sustained high.

Taking on from what someone already stated here, 

"If it's a gamble... then we are all soldiers of fortune!" :)

Cheers Guys!


  1. Hi Ben/ Jeevan,

    Thank you for putting your experiences on this site, it is most useful for people like me who are planning to apply for the EPEC. I have a query around the particulars page that needs to be uploaded on the EPEC site. I'm an Indian Passport holder and normally would submit copies of the first two pages and the last two pages whenever the Passport details are asked for. Are you able to advise whether the MOM is looking only for the first two pages or the last two pages as well ?


  2. Hi Sen,
    Sorry about the delay in responding. Well to answer your question simply, they need the first 2 pages of ur passport.

    But if you put your mind to it, and wanna play safe, you can get both scans on to a single word file, save it as pdf, and voila!! U now have all 4 pages together ready to be sent as a single attachment! :)


  3. Hey Jeevan,

    Many thanks !!!


  4. Hey, Thank you for writing regarding Indian passport holders to regarding Singapore Visa, Here you will written in details about Singapore visa.


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