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Thursday, September 8, 2011

iFly Singapore: Experience the Thrill of Indoor Skydiving

My friend had just arrived from the Philippines and I need to let him see the beauty of Sentosa.  We went there at around 3pm in a sunny Sunday.

We alighted at the Waterfront Station and walked our way to Universal Studios, Resort World Casino then to Merlion.  We take photos here and there until we reached the Beach Station.

Going Inside iFly Singapore 
I looked around and something caught my eye, a new building just beside the Beach Station.  We can see the big screen outside, showing video with a man doing a skydive. It's the new iFly Singapore themed wind tunnel for indoor skydiving. WOW!!!

I was curious, as a little boy, so I asked my friends if we can go inside and see.  At first,
we were hesitant to go in because of the classy ambiance.  What the we forced ourselves to go in.

iFLy Singapore Buildling, the glass wall besides
is the staircase is the entrance.
The reception area was at the right and a flat TV screen is on top of it showing the same video.  And a staircase leading to the themed wind tunnel fly zone.
iFly Singapore Reception Area
As we reached the second floor, a cafeteria is on sight selling snacks.  They have sandwiches and it's in huge servings.  I saw the price of one (forgot the label) priced at SGD9.00 a piece. Ouch!

Anyway, we sat down on one of the chairs facing the iFly arena and of course, without the snack.

It's too difficult to describe the place, so I took a photo of it...
A man flying at iFly Singapore while
his instructor's watching 
iFly Singapore instructor is watching his student

How Much is the Cost of the iFly Singapore?  
The price is based on the number of skydives and the time.  Here's an estimate of the cost of the iFly Singapore...

Super Off-Peak - SGD79.00 (Adult); SGD69.00(Child is 7years to 12 years Old)
Off-Peak             - SGD85.00 (Adult); SGD75.00(Child is 7years to 12 years Old)
Normal Rate       - SGD89.00 (Adult); SGD79.00(Child is 7years to 12 years Old)
*The above price as of September 8, see the latest pricelist, please visit their official website.

For the detailed and latest Price and Bookings, please visit iFly Singapore's official Site..
Watch the Video of the iFly Singapore and have the flying experience...

I haven't tried the iFly Singapore yet, but I really want to.  I need to arrange and allocate my budget to experience the thrill, and that will be soon....

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