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Friday, September 9, 2011

The 12:05am Flight Problem

Booking your flight is so easy today, it involves few finger clicking and a credit card.  The last step that you need to do is to print the copy of your itinerary.

When I book a ticket in Singapore bound to Philippines, my flights are usually scheduled at 12:05am or 1:15am on a certain date.  This brings chaos for someone who is not used to on booking a ticket and may sometimes leads to a  delay or even a forfeiture of his ticket.

Why the 12:05am Flight Schedule Creates Chaos?

At a first glance, a flight that was scheduled 12:05am on September 10, 2011 going to Philippines, as an example, will be interpreted as 12:05 in the afternoon.  I admit that I have interpreted some of my previous flights with these schedules wrongly.

The ticket holder, once confused will pack his things in the morning of September 10, 2011 not knowing that his flight had left early in the morning at 12:05am.

Avoiding The 12:05am Flight Chaos
This technique is easy and just a  few to remember.  Here's how to avoid the confusion.
1. You first look at the day of your flight, as in the example, September 10, 2011.
2. Then check if it's morning or evening, (am or pm).
3. And the last thing you will check is the Time, 12:05.

I hope this will serve as a reminder for you on your next bookings...

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