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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Travelling with a One-year Old Baby in Singapore Tour

It's best to visit Singapore with your family because you can share the feel of excitement with them.

One of the few questions my readers asked me is "How to travel with kids?" and "Is it safe to travel with a 6-year old?".

This is not a problem, but a little bit inconvenient.  Of course, it's rewarding when you're with them all the time.

Travelling with  a 1-year Old in Singapore 
1. Transportation - A one year old needs a lot of stuffs and a bulky stroller.  This is not a problem specially at the MRT and Buses in Singapore.  The MRT has Reserved Seats for those with
babies in strollers, pregnant, elderly and disabled person.

Buses, on the other hand, has an area for strollers or even wheelchairs. Some buses are equipped with doors for the disabled.

Singapore is serious in providing the comfort for elderly, pregnant, babies, and disabled persons.

Another option is to ride the Taxi Cab.  This is the most convenient to travel with your cutie and travelling with 3 or more person is better than the MRT and buses.  It will also give you more time to see the streets of Singapore.  They're easy to contact with their Taxi Cab Hotlines.

2. Hotel - Hotel in Singapore are too many to mention.  This will range from budget to five stars.  When you're little cutie is with you or toddlers, the convenient place to stay is in Bugis, Little India or near Orchard Road.  These places are accessible to the shopping centers because it's location is in the center of Singapore.  Choose a hotel that is near to MRT.

3. Tourist Spots - My suggestion for the place to go with kids and your Little Angel is Sentosa. This is like the kid's paradise.

Inside Sentosa (Recommended for 2 days):
    Underwater World  and Dolphin Lagoon (3 hours)
    Songs of the Sea (2 hours including waiting)
    Universal Studios Singapore ( 1 whole day)
    Animal & Birds Encounters (2 hours)
    Butterfly Park and Insects Kingdom (2 hours)
    Merlion (1 hour)

At Sentosa, maps are provided upon entry. The first thing to know is where to find the Toilet, which is helpful when you have your 1-year old.  Food and beverages are found at every beach area (Siloso, Palawan and Tanjong Beach).  You can find Hawker food there and is affordable.  At every Sentosa Express Stations, 7-eleven or Cheers are the best spots.

Singapore Zoo(recommended) (1 whole day)
When going to Singapore Zoo, bring with you the swimming suits for your kids.  The Singapore Zoo has a place where your kids can play with water,  it has a playground with water slides that will make them wet.  They will enjoy a lot especially when a huge pail of water will pour down to the group of kids at an interval of 3 minutes (estimate).

If you have more time, visit the Orchid Farm near the Singapore Zoo.  But this place is for curious Mothers, I think...and also for flower lovers of course (like me).

The rest of your travel will be at the City and this will be a whole day tour. These places are the following:
Note:  These involve a lot of walking, stroller is a must bring!
   Helix Bridge at Marina Bay Sands (Best time is during sunset and onward)
   Mall at the Marina Bay Sands 
   Art Science Museum (photoshoot)
   Esplanade (window shopping)
   Gluttons Bay (Eat dinner)

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  1. Thanks for this tip! I'll be visiting Singapore together with my 3yo son :)

  2. A very comprehensive summary of how to travel with toddler/s. Thank you for your valuable information!


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