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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Peach Strawberry for a Dessert in Singapore

I was tired from a day's work and was hoping to get few refreshments along the workplace.  Luckily, the stalls at the Hawker Stations are not closed yet so I happened to see one that was selling desserts.

I looked at their menu and saw few deliciously-looking snacks and one attracted my appetite.

It was labeled Peach Strawberry and the rest are Chinese characters.  I pulled my coins out of my pocket and counted, just exactly SGD2.00 dollars for a snack.

The snack has a grated ice, like "halo-halo" (mixed sweets) with a toppings of sliced peaches and a sugar syrup.  It was spread with sweetened strawberry and poured with an evaporated milk.
Peach Strawberry with grated ice dessert.
Prices of Desserts in Singapore
The price of desserts in Singapore ranges from SGD1.80 to SGD3.00 at the Hawker Stations.  This will also depend on what location you are in.  

Unlike desserts in Philippines,  Singapore is less sweeter.

It was quite refreshing for a SGD2.00...

What's your snack?

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