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Sunday, August 14, 2011

How to Purchase the Cebu Pacific Baggage Allowance

I was excited to reach the Budget Terminal an hour and a half before the flight. As the bus door opened, I took my hand-carried baggage (a back pack) with me and alighted to get my check-in baggage, which I inserted at the bus baggage compartment.

Cebu Pacific Baggage Allowance
I went in the terminal and checked my baggage allowance at the weighing scale.  My hand-carry back pack is just at the right weight of 7.3kg, where the limit is 7kg.   

I bought an extra cost for the check-in baggage of 15kg at the Cebu Pacific online booking a day before my flight. 

Cebu Pacific has now an option to choose how much weight you would buy for a check-in baggage.  You can access this by going to Cebu Pacific site and click Manage Booking, then input the information of your itinerary confirmation number.  It will prompt you to your booking details, then choose Purchase Bag.
Cebu Pacific Check-in baggage option 
SMALL         - up to 15kg at SGD10.00
STANDARD - up to 20kg at SGD15.00
MEDIUM      - up to 25kg at SGD25.00
LARGE          - up to 30kg at SGD35.00
If you have purchased your ticket without the baggage, you can avail this add-ons anytime before the scheduled flight.  This will add up to your new itinerary cost breakdown and you can print it for your reference. 

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  1. hello there.
    just upgraded my baggage how can i pay for it? the bank keeps declining saying it's already expired and i need to just buy a new upgrade but it's not possible...

    can i just pay it on the airport counters?

    1. Go and pay at the Cebu Pacific Ticketing office.

  2. Hi pwedi po ba magpa additional one troly baggage 20kg.?magkano po ba?this coming wensday DEC.12 2018 my flight


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