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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Cebu Pacific Long Queue Experience

After checking the weight of my baggage, I looked at the queue for the Cebu Pacific, I was surprised to see that it was long and immovable.

I arrived an hour an a half so I expected this to happen.  But the queue was almost still and is not acceptable.

There were three booths, two were the normal check-in and the other is labeled web check-in.  I'm not familiar on the web check-in thing so I just stayed at the normal one.  Fifteen minutes had past and still the queue was not moving.
The Cebu Pacific queue stretched until the main door of the Terminal.
I was almost leaning at the window glass when taking this photo.
I looked at the queue for the Tiger Airways.  The queue is so calm and is systematically arranged with queue-guiding rails.  Cebu Pacific should have done this also.

That was the queue for the Tiger Airways. They have rails to
guide their checking-in passengers.
I was playing with my phone games when a women ran speedily to one of the booth.  I looked at the farther side to see what's going on.  The man started to open another booth so Ben started to open his shirt buttons revealing the big S (Superman) logo on his chest...and with a blink of an eye, Ben is at the 5th place on the new queue.

The man opened a new booth at that far right.
Kidding aside, I was able to be at the nearest position on the new booth.  I looked at the queue where I was previously positioned and thought that those people back there were envied by me like Angry Birds, ready to swing, aiming at me.

But even I was on that new queue, it took me 10 mins to check-in, my goodness.

What's your experience with the Airline?

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