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Monday, August 29, 2011

Brushing Teeth in Singapore

I remembered my first few days at work.  Had my lunch at the Hawker Station near our place and headed back to the office.

I opened up my drawer, pulled my toothbrush and a toothpaste.  Spread a 2-cm paste on to my brush and prepared to walk to the toilet  or "Comfort Room / CR" as what we call it in my country.

My boss saw me and said, "You're brushing your teeth after lunch?".   I replied, looking surprised as my boss, "Yah!, of course!"...There was a silent "Duhhh!" at the end of my sentence.

Why My Boss Was Totally Surprised?
"Brush 3 times a day!" is what Colgate advertisements are saying in the Philippines.  From the day I

started to hold a brush until now, this is what I was used to do after lunch.

So, I was surprised to see one advertisement at the the MRT Stations in Singapore, where it stated that we should brush our teeth twice a day!

My boss explained to me that they don't brush their teeth after lunch.  We should do it only twice a day (after breakfast and before bedtime) and explained that it will damage and retract our gums if we do it thrice.

I was shocked! (in British accent)...I'm now confused who's saying the right way.  Is it because Filipinos eat more sweets than Singaporeans?

Then my boss said, "If I saw someone brushing his teeth in the toilet after lunch hour, he's definitely a Filipino!"

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  1. Hi Ben A.! Thank you for sharing that! I'm really starting to love your blog site! What did you do after that? Did you still brushed your teeth after lunch time? :D

    1. Thanks...keep on reading my blog...I'm still doing the 3-time brushing because I can't help having the taste of my food for more than 2 hours. I do it since young and I know you're doing it too.

  2. Hi Ben A., thank you for the reply. onga e, dito kasi sa pinas nasanay na kapag bago bumalik sa desk mo e magreretouch muna which is kasama na nga ang pagtoothbrush. siguro hindi ka naman magisang gumagawa niyan sa singapore kaya okay lang.. LOL :D


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