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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Toilets with TV Screen Display

There are no comfort rooms here in Singapore because they call it toilets.  I remembered when I ask one janitor on where the comfort room is, he can not understand me.  I thought that he can not speak English, so I do the act of doing a hand wash.  He told me, "ahh, toilet ah!" , pointing at a corner.

So I went to that corner and found the toilet.  The toilet is wide and the coolest thing that I discovered is that they have this 5" TV screen on each urinals.  When you're doing your thing, you can see ads display on it.  A unique toilet indeed.

Where Can I Find this Toilet with TV Screens?
This toilet is located at ION Mall.  When you alight at the Orchard MRT Station, follow the path to ION Mall and up to the 2nd level.  Find the toilet there.  Sorry but this is for BOYS only.

How about you Ladies, did you see one of these at your toilets?  Please leave your comment below...

TV Screen Display on each of urinals.
I took this photo as fast as I could as someone might
think that I am spying him.

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