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Friday, July 29, 2011

Planking in Singapore

Some ignores the idea of Planking and others are annoyed with it and calls it stupidity.  This is now the viral photo idea that is now spreading across the globe and that includes Singapore.

Singapore is also a victim of planking and this can not be stopped.  Who cares and who will?

What is Planking Anyway?
Planking is a photo pose which involves a person or a group, with their body and face lying flat on the ground, on top of a furniture or even at extreme conditions, on top of toilet cubicles.  This is like a log drop as you call it.  Both hands are on the sides and feet pressed together.

To give you an idea, see the photo below where Planking was done on different places of Singapore like MRTs and Marina Bay Sands .

Planking at Marina Bay Sands

Planking at the Singapore MRT
(by: sphyrna.wordpress,com)
And even at the escalators...

Singapore Scalator
These are just few samples about Planking in Singapore. I'm sure that more of them are yet to be taken...

Who Created or Invented Planking?
The first man who was documented to perform the planking, so far, is Tom Green.  He is a Canadian multi-talented actor and best known for his stupid acts.

This video of Tom Green shows how he started the idea of Planking in 1994...Enjoy

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