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Friday, July 15, 2011

MOM Selected Institutions List for EPEC

NOTE: As of December 01, 2011, EPEC Scheme is discontinued by MOM...Read More.

Applying for EPEC is frustrating especially when you're REJECTED.  The difficult thing is you don't know what was the reason of the rejection, it's just hanging.

Before you apply, you must consider the list of Institutions or Schools, which MOM (Ministry of Manpower) had selected.  The applicant must possess selected university qualifications.

The main reason why MOM had made this qualifications is from the wide range of criteria:

  • Global and country institution rankings by independent accreditation boards
  • Hiring history by top companies in Singapore
  • Validation by HR consultants in listed countries
  • Employment outcome of the institution's graduates
  • The institution's enrollment standards
What are the Institutions selected by MOM?
I am from the Philippines, so I will list down the institutions that are qualified by MOM in my country.

PhilippinesAsian Institute of Management
PhilippinesAteneo de Manila University
PhilippinesDe La Salle University

To verify your school, institution or university, whatever you call it, you can click the link below.  Choose your Country and click Search.


  1. I thought kasama ang UP Los Banos before, kelan pa naremove sa list ang UPLB?

    Thanks mr. Ben! God bless you, you are helping a lot of people.


  2. Rejection of your EPEC is not a sign of giving up...remember that.

  3. so what can we do if we've been rejected?
    can we still be hired w/o it?

  4. Bryan,having EPEC is not an assurance that you'll be hired here in Singapore, it depends on employers demand of a certain job. But, it is an additional point in processing your pass in MOM because you've already been pre-screened.

    EPEC is also the requirement to stay in Singapore for 1 year (LTVP) to look for a job legitimately. You can still be hired without it but you have only 30 days to process your work permit if job is found and given that your qualification is suited to your job.(ex: culinary arts - job is "Cook").

  5. Mang Ben... Update lang po sa institutions... natanggal na yung UST, Mapua and UP sa list ng MOM... Mejo parang nakakainis... this year when i was no interest yet in going in sg because of lack of experience, my school is on the list... but when i has the confidence to go in sg, and that i have the experience to compete, the school i came from disappear from the list... btw im chris, grad of ust

  6. panu po kung hindi po kasali ang school ko sa university list ibig po bang sabihin nd po ako magagrantng epec po?

  7. Hi,the EPEC scheme is discontinued as of Dec. 1 2011.

  8. then wat is the procedure for work


  10. maraming pang way para magapply sa sg, epec is just a legal long term stay sa sg habang naghahanap ng work..nareject din aku jan before eh, but that doesn't stop me...try nyo online, madami nman site, monster, jobsdb, jobstreet, headhunt, sg job search.... or mag tourist kayu kayu, u will have max of 3months to stay habang naghahanap ng work,kaso sugal sa gastos... kung nde aku nagkakamali every employer that have 5(pr/singaporean) can hire a 1 tourist/visit pass..

  11. Additional sa mga nagplaplanong magtourist...mag book kayu ng round trip ticket 5-7days lang, max 9...para tlgang vacation lang..maarte immigration sa pinas,more than 9days, mahihirapan na kayung payagan, tsaka wag nyong sasabihin na pupunta kayung sg to look for a job..just immigration will give u 30days to stay, automatic yan...on your 25-27th days apply for visit pass extension for another 30days...1day lng yan may result na kung approve or bihira ang narereject jan....then bago matapus ung another 30days mo, mag exit ka ng malaysia, stay there for 5-8hrs tapus pasok ka ulit ng sg, meron ka ulit another 30days pag swerte, pag malas, uwi kna deretso pinas...kung masipag kang mag apply at sapat yung working experience mo + certification tingin ko enough na ang 60days, makakahanap n n nyan...


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