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Saturday, July 2, 2011

How to Buy MRT Ticket and Card Top Up

As soon as you arrive at the airport and you're at the MRT Station, find a GTM as seen at the photo below.  

What is GTM in MRT Stations?
GTM stands for General Ticketing Machines, where you can purchase your MRT ticket or top up your EZ-link cards.  If you have no Ez-link card, you can buy at the MRT cashier.

Card costs : S$5.00
Free Load : S$7.00
Total Cost : $12.00  

How to Top Up the EZ-Link Card?
If you have your EZ-link card, place it on top of the slot, labeled "Please place here" at the top portion of the machine.  The screen, at the lower corner will display the options of what you will do with your card. 

Press the "Add value" and follow the instructions. You can pay by cash (notes or coins) by inserting it in the slot, located at the upper right corner, or the NETS, at the upper left corner.  

If your EZ-link card is inside your wallet. You don't need to remove it, just place your wallet on top of the slot "Please place here".  It will automatically read your EZ-link card.  Make it sure that no other RF cards are present inside your wallet or else the machine will have difficulty detecting your EZ-link card.

Take note that the minimum top-up value is $10.

How to Buy a Single Trip Standard Ticket? 
Tickets are used if you don't have the EZ-link card. This is a single trip ticket and is useful when you're not staying in Singapore for a longer period.

At the screen, with the "Select Option", choose the Standard Ticket and it will prompt you to choose your destination.  Press directly on the map, at the right side of the screen, the location of your choice.
The machine will prompt you to pay, you can pay with notes or coins located at the upper right corner. Then follow the instructions. Then, the ticket will pop out of the machine bin located the the lower portion.  Tap it on the MRT barrier to open.

Take note that there is a $1 refund if you'll return your single ticket to the cashier or the GTM after using it.  If you don't want for a refund, keep it as your souvenir.

There you have it, happy trip!

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