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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Green Man Button at the Pedestrian Crossings

When crossing the streets, you can see a device with a button installed on every pedestrian crossing.  

This is a device that has a stainless round button, a small light (red) indicator and an arrow pointing to the direction of the zebra crossing.  

This is the "GREEN MAN", which you need to press to cross the pedestrian road.

How does the Green Man at the Pedestrian Crossing Works?
If you want to cross the other side of the road, you have to press the round stainless button of the Green Man device.  Once pressed, the light indicator, in red, will light up, indicating that the device is activated.  This will signal the traffic controller box that a pedestrian will be crossing soon.  So, the next turn will activate the green colored man on the traffic light, which means it's now safe to cross the road.  

What if I Forgot to Press the Green Man?
This happens when the road is a one-way or a two-way road and not an intersection.  If no pedestrian presses the Green Man or the light indicator (red) was not activated, it will not change the pedestrian traffic light status (red to green man).  You will wait there forever...not unless one pedestrian on the other side had read my blog. :)

Myth About the Green Man
I was a newbie back then when a friend told me that when you press the green man as fast as you can, it will change the pedestrian signal status fast.  I was shocked with a Huhhh? Is it true?

Actually, each traffic intersection lights are synchronized to prevent  accident.  Traffic lights in Singapore have triggers ( the Green Man) even on cars.  Pressing the device as fast as you can will keep you busy while waiting for the green man, then when the signal will think that it was fast.  But the truth is, the timing is just the same. You are just diverted to some st*pid act. 

You have just shown how irresponsible pedestrian you are, lost 1,000 calories and some muscle tissue building up at your fingers. 

So, this is totally a myth.

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