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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Paya Leybar Air Base Open House 2011 Experience

My skin and face have sunburn, reddish that looks like the "lechon", roasted pig.   This is the effect if exposed to the blistering sun while checking out the Fighter jets, helicopters and the weapon systems of Singapore.

We arrived at the Singapore Air Base in Paya Leybar at around 11:00am.  The free shuttle bus keeps on arriving at a 3-minute interval, bringing passengers from Hougang and Eunos MRT Station.  Some boarded the bus 90 and others arrived with their cars.  Luckily, I did not bring mine because I was expecting difficulties to find a parking area.  It turned out that my decision was right.

Below are the photos taken during our trip.
Fighter Jet's butt, this is where the exhaust comes out.
Look at those huge bombers and carriers.
This will carry military personnel to combat.
The Apache, the gun moves in relation
with the pilots point of view.
The crew demonstrated how to arm an Apache helicopter
Look at that fighter, my baby!
Fighter jet displaying its bombs and bullets
This jet has long rockets.
You can ride and experience being a pilot.
But you need to queue.

I'll definitely be coming again next year 2012 Open House!

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