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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Counting Pests in Singapore

I'm an observant type of person. As I stayed here in Singapore, I observed few things, which everyone is annoyed of.  These are the cockroaches, rats and mosquitoes.

Okay, why am I blogging these pests anyway?

This is because I am wondering why there are few of them crawling and strolling around the streets or every corners in Singapore.  It made me curious.

I found only 2 cockroaches.  First, I found it teased by kids few months ago.  It seems it's their first time to see one. They poked it with stick while watching it crawling with fear "Please don't hurt me oh dear kids!!!".

Second, it was under death calling.  It was crawling and stretching its arms inch by inch.  It's like one of the Jackie Chan's Kung Fu movies when his enemy is in near death situation saying "You killed my master, you'll pay!!!(in Chinese accent)"

I saw a total of 2 rats. The first one is spotted crawling at the bushes and ran, crossing the streets and into the manhole.  The second one is lying flat dead at the middle of the road, or should I call it a paper rat?

Dengue is the worst virus taken from these pests. So, when I see one, I made it sure that it should be killed instantly.  But, this is Singapore, I have only seen 3 mosquitoes.  Two of them are hitch hikers, staying in my car without permission.  Now, the trouble is, they start to fly when I'm driving, totally annoying.  But of course, I  killed them all!  The second one is when I was sitting at the park.  One mosquito bit me, and I took vengeance, poor thing.

What I observed is that they do fumigation regularly at every HDBs and at parks where these pests are roaming.  The trash are collected everyday, this will prevent cockroaches and rats from feasting inside the bins.

The NEA ( National Environment Agency) is doing a good job controlling these pests in Singapore.  Bravo to them.  There is no such thing as zero pests and even soap will kill germs only 99.9%, there's still 0.1% remaining.

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