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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Surviving Singapore for 30 Days

One Singbie (Singapore Newbie) asked me few questions that are worth sharing to you guys.

What is the Best Place to Rent in Singapore? 
The most essential part when staying in a strange country is the place to stay.

If you're a tourist looking for a job, or a Singbie here in Singapore, that means you need to survive for 30 days.  But how to survive is just a common question, which also you can answer.  I'll explain it further...

You need to be financially prepared.  All money going out of your pocket should be avoided.  If you will rent a room, which is commonly priced as S$600/room, or sharing a common room for 2 person costs S$300/person is quite normal.  This includes aircon (A/C), internet and some tenants includes PUBs (gas, water, electricity).  Sometimes you have to add S$50 for those facilities.

A Chance of a Lifetime
If ever you have a single chance of living with a relative or a friend, this is a huge BONUS for you. This is a chance of a lifetime.  All job seekers are longing to have one, but they end up in backpackers (budget hotels with double decks) just to survive for 30 days.

Please do not show your Filipino trait as "Mahiyain" (Shy) or "Ilang" (Uncomfortable).  This is Singapore...and you must not act this way. Survival is the key and take this all out from you.  If you can't avoid this because it roots down in you, then ask your friend or relative that you might as well share with them a grocery or a room rent.  They will surely say that...

     "Never mind, what are friends/relatives are for?".

If they say so, then say Thank You and just give them some few groceries at random or give them gifts that will make them happy to have you. If you are lucky to find a job, give them a gift of 42" LCD TV.  This will give them a really big smile and thank you with tears, haha!...But, it's totally up to you on how to thank people who helped you when you're down.

What's the Difference if I Rent a Room Without My Friends and Relatives?
There is a big difference if you'll rent a room or common room without them. Living with them or not, you still need to live with other roommates. But, these roommates are a total stranger to you.  You'll never know when your valuable things will disappear, because some of them are Magicians....So, will you rather pay S$300 to stay with them or stay with the guidance of your relatives/friends?

Choosing the Right Place
Do not be choosy in selecting the location.  You are still job hunting and you don't know the location of your future employer.  Singapore is just a small country, easy to travel during interviews and even from the start of your work.  In fact, I travel 50 minutes from my previous house, my friend's, to my work.  Then I relocated to a 30-minute travel.

Be patient, take a deep breathe whenever you hear some foul words coming out from your relative or a friend during your 30-day stay.  Just inhale on the first day and BIG exhale for the 30th day of FREEDOM...

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  1. hi.. i would like to ask if i'm just a tourist and found a job within 30 days of my stay, can i apply for employment pass and continue my job there?or shall i come back to the philippines?
    thank you

  2. Hi,yes you can have a job here.Your employer will apply the employment pass/work permit (tourist visa to work pass conversion)for you. If your 30-day visa will expire during the processing period(hope not), you can apply to ICA to extend it for another 30 days without exiting Singapore.

  3. much money should i bring in cash so that the immigration would let me enter and stay in sg?
    what if i'm just a tourist and secretly looking for job then found a job then my employer will apply for my employment pass, my 30 days stay had expire but the processing is not finish, so i will apply to extend my stay for another 30 days, what if ICA would ask a reason? am i going to say that my employer is applying me for ep? baka they would put me to jail because my reason is tourist yet secretly looking for job.
    thank you so much for your help. Godbless

  4. How much money should you bring? I posted it here...

    If you want to extend your Visa, you can apply online, check this link...

  5. Hi
    I need your advise.
    my wife and baby visit me sg.they got 30 days free visa.
    they come here 28-April-13.
    30 days mean both days included or excluded.
    if u mention the date when they need leave sg. more easy for me.
    Thanks n' advance

    1. Once you enter SG, 28 Apr. 2013, the next day 29 Apr. 2013 will be the complete 1st-day of your stay. Then you move to the last 29th-day which is 27 May 2013, so the next day will be your 30th day which is 28 May 2013.

      They need to exit before that date or they may be fined by the immigration for overstaying. Please consider the unforeseen circumstances like flight delays. So, it's better to exit a day before the visa expiry date.

      Hope this helps.


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