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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Singapore Fighter Planes and Weapon Systems

I am so excited to tell you this guys...really I'm serious! My hands are now shivering to write this important news.

Airplanes are my favorite vehicle or should I say vessel, since elementary days...I played it on family computer games, "Top Gun" , where I pay 25 cents per 5 minutes at our neighbor's house. I even queued up with my friends to play it in the "Game and Watch".  This is how young Ben grew up and paying for technology. hehe!

Anyway, when I arrived in Singapore, these airplanes can be seen flying around their skies.  They are the F16's and the AWACs.  I can only see them up above and witness how they fly with V formations.

"Our Airforce, Defending Our Skies"
 Singapore Theme
Today, I am happy to tell you that RSAF ( Republic of Singapore Air Force) will be having their Open House 2011 on 28th & 29th of MAY.  It is at Paya Leybar Air Base (scroll down on how to get there).

Admission is FREE
9:30am to 7:00pm (May 28)
8:30am to 7:00pm (May 29)

What are the Attractions?
They will have these attractions:
1. Aerial display
2. Aircraft rides
3. Aircraft Arming Demos
4. Concerts
5. Display of (RSAF) Aircraft and Weapon system.

How to Get There?
By TAXI - Alight at a designated drop-off point

By Bus -Take SBS Bus 90 or 94 and alight at the opposite of Air Force Museum

By MRT - There are FREE Shuttle service at Hougang and Eunos MRT Station

Honestly, my hands are still shivering with excitement...

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