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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Excess Baggage at Tiger Airways

An email was sent to me by Tiger Airways that there will be changes on my schedule, a 30-minute delay.  In fairness to them, they sent it a month before my flight. Wew!

The day of my departure (spooky phrase) came and I arrived at the MRT Changi Station, followed the trail where the sign points "To Budget Terminal".  You will not miss the way, I tell yah!

The Problem. I arrived too early, as usual, and went to the weighing scales at one corner of the terminal.  There are two weighing scales, but needed to wait for my turn at a 2-man queue.  I have two baggages, one is for hand carry and the other is for check-in.  As I weighed my check-in baggage, its at 18.0 kgs and my hand carry is 8.5 kgs. OMG!

Check-in baggage limit for Tiger Airways is at 15kgs and 7kgs for hand carry.  So, this is a big problem for me.  I have to pay for the excess baggage at S$15.0/kg.  But I will not allow this to happen.

I planned to remove the excess 3kg from my baggage, but where can I dispose it?  Is it alright to hand it to the airport staffs or just throw it at the garbage bin, I thought.

The Decision. A decision was made...I will try to check it in and see how it goes.  I'll cross the bridge when I get there, as the saying goes.

As soon as the Tiger Airways check-in counters were opened, my heart started to pound hard.  There are too many "What If" questions.  So, I went straight to the counter, laid down my baggage at the conveyor, keeping my fingers crossed.

The lady handed me my ticket and passport, and tagged my bag...SURPRISE!!! They allowed my 3-kg excess weight. That was a sign of relief, but the problem wasn't solved yet.  I need to undergo another weighing checkpoint for my hand-carried baggage at the immigration. I have an excess of 1.5kg for that.

I handed my passport and ticket at the guard and went in.  To my surprise, they didn't bother to weigh in my hand-carried baggage. As I went out of the weighing room, I clinched my fist and said, "YESSS!".

 I LOVE Tiger Airways!

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  1. It applies to other airlines as well...

    Random checking is what they call it.

  2. Did you pay for the 15kg checked-in baggage in advance?

  3. Yes, you can pay the check in baggage as soon as you book your ticket. What I did in the Cebu Pacific is not to avail the check- in baggage at my first booking and if i am quite sure that I need that check-in kg. before my flight, I just go online and add those add-ins.

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