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Friday, May 6, 2011

Election Day for Singapore (May 7, 2011)

A loud noise echoed through the corners of the HDBs.  A man and a woman's voice alternatively speaking through the speakers mounted on a truck. There were banners and flags waving while the truck passed by the streets.

I was busy surfing at the net when I heard these noises.  They were speaking in Chinese, so I thought it was just another celebration or a party.  Soon I found out that the Singaporean candidates have started there campaign period.

Today, May 7, 2011, will be the big day of Singaporeans.  They will choose the next Generation of leaders to lead their country.  Will it be good for the country?  That, we don't know.  It is in their votes that will carve the future of Singapore.

I have found the reason why loud noises were heard everywhere and learned how they do their campaigning.  They gather their people in stadiums to hear their agenda, and have few banners of the candidates at strategic locations. The street lamps have campaign posters tied on it.

I remembered the Philippine elections when all I can see are the banners all over the place and posters were glued every flat surface they can stick on.

But, this is Singapore, they don't do the way we do it...
Campaign posters tied on poles

400 x 600 approximate size of the posters

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