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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What to Prepare Before Going to Singapore (Part 2)

This post is the continuation of the What to Prepare...Part 1.

What Documents to Prepare?
Looking for a job in Singapore needs documents.  The Employer and MOM wants to see the copy and should be supported with the originals.  Of course, they don't know if it's fake or real, but they (MOM or Employer) will investigate it further...Fans of Recto, better watch out!

Before anything else, make sure that all your documents are complete, such as:
  1 pc   - Airplane ticket (with return ticket)
  1 pc   - Invitation Letter / Hotel Booking
  2 pcs  - Identity Card (Driver's License or any valid IDs)
  1 pc   - International Driver's Permit (if you want to drive in Singapore)
  1 pc.  - Passport (latest or at least have 6 months validity)
  1 pc   - EPEC (Employment Pass Eligibility Certificate) Certificate Original
24 pcs. - Photos (passport size with white background)
  1 pc.  - Transcript of Record
  1 pc.  - Degree/Diploma Certificate Original
  1 pc.  - Marriage Certificate
  1 pc.  - Birth Certificate
10 pcs. - Curriculum Vitae (CV) / Resume
* If you have questions, please leave your comment below...

Don't do the hassles of photocopying here in Singapore.  I remembered the price per copy was S$0.20 (P6.80).  Better photocopy all your documents in your country or wherever the cost is lesser.

Things to Bring Before Going to Singapore
After gathering the documents above, you have to prepare your things and start packing below.

  1 pc.  - Laptop with Wifi (for job-hunting), just buy the adaptor here.
  1 pc.  - Cellphone (that can work for International networks)
  1 pc   - USB (storing your CV/Resume)
  1 pc.  - Notepad (for listing schedules of interviews and details)
  1 pc.  - pair of slippers / flipflop (buying food at nearby supermarkets)
  1 pc.  - rubber shoes (walking and walking and walking)
  1 pc.  - leather shoes ( for interview)
  1 pc.  - sunglasses
  1 pc.  - small umbrella 
  7 pcs.- socks
  7 pcs. - underwears (I need to case you forget!haha)
  7 pcs. - t-shirts (for travelling)
  2 set. - sleeping attire
  1 pc.  - towel
  2 pcs. - Shorts
  2 pcs. - Maong pants (Jeans)
  2 pcs. - Formal pants (business attire)
  2 pcs. - Long sleeves (1st & 2nd interview, signing of contract)
  1pc.   - soap
  2pcs.  - deodorants
  1 pc   - hair gel (for untouchable hair)
12pcs.  - shampoo in sachet
  1 pc.  - toothbrush (fresh breath during interviews)
  1 lot   - MONEY (refer to Part 1 of this post)
I have given you the long list, it really depends on what you want to bring. These, for me, are the essential things to bring or I may say it as the optimum gadgets.  This serves as your guide to help you prepare yourself on your quest to Singapore.

* If you have questions, please leave your comment below...
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  1. Hi i would like to know what is the invitation letter for or the hotel reservation? I have relative there and I will be staying there while looking for my future. Is the invitation really necessary? thank you in advance for whatever help you can give.

  2. Invitation letter is from a relative or a friend in Singapore stating that you have been invited by them to visit/tour the place, stay at their house and an assurance for the Immigration officer. This, I think is a random requirement because some haven't been asked to provide one. But, I was asked when I first came here. Just to be sure...

  3. Thank you for replying, follow-up question, does it need to certified or something to make it validate it's authenticity? You have been very helpful to those who are without knowledge of going there

  4. Once you have an EPEC certificate, you will activate it at the ICA(Immigration & Checkpoint Authority) in Singapore, just like DFA in Philippines. They will verify your original documents and prepare for the photocopies of it. You can also do it online.

  5. Hi, I am the one who posted the 1st comment. I mean does the invitation need to be certified or something to validate it's authenticity? if it is needed, then how will i do this? if not then its just a simple letter from my relative right? I don't have my EPEC yet,. Thanks again and more power

    - KMN

  6. KMN, your relative/friend can get an invitation form (Affidavit of Invitation) at the Philippine Embassy (Singapore).This will cost you S$42.

    Check this measures from the Philippine Embassy on this link.

  7. Hi Ben!

    Quick question. Why do you need 24 head shot photos?

  8. This will be used for government applications such as MOM, Jurong Island Pass(if you are hired on that area), ICA and also your employer...when you get it here in Singapore, it will cost around $7 per 6 copies(estimate only).

  9. Hi Ben,

    I was reading your sites and other blogs, I appreciate the way you have followed your dreams, really hats off to you. All the best for your Canada Immigration. My Name is Ambarish, I am an IT professional from India, recently got an offer from one of the company in Singapore, my work permit (In-Principle Approval Letter for S Pass) is arrived. I will be joining in July. I just wanted to know about S pass advantages and disadvantages. Can you share some exp (good and bad) with me? Thanks in advance.


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