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Saturday, April 23, 2011

What to Prepare Before Going to Singapore (Part 1)

When my EPEC was approved, I was too excited to buy a ticket for Singapore.  I'm so ready to go...

But then, I realized, my world out there is different. I need to prepare everything. How lucky I was to have a friend that will guide me on every details that I need to ask.  What if I don't have one?

The place is new to me, I only knew how it looks from the pictures that I have seen in the internet and the feedback I get from my relatives, who went there as tourists.

Here are some few tips that I would like to share to you on how and what to prepare before going to Singapore to work.

How to Prepare Before Going to Singapore?
Remember that you are in Singapore.  This is not your country and anyone is a stranger.  Even if they say that Singapore is Safe, remember "Less Crime Does Not Mean No Crime!".

I know that each one of us has his own belief. Someone to lean on to in case of danger and depression.  Whatever your Religion may be, always remember to pray. As a Roman Catholic, I always pray to God and believe that He's always there for me to guide me and help me in my Singapore journey.

Ask yourself, "Am I ready to leave my country, mother, father, wife, son, daughter, brother, sister and everyone?"  This is the difficult part where your heart is the target.

You can hit me at my face and can even kick me, it does not hurt me at all...BUT this part hurts me the most.

I took my wife and my son to dinner and malling once a week to have the best bonding moments with them as I could. Before bedtime, I always looked at my cute son and my beautiful wife while they are sleeping. For I know that next few weeks and months, I will not be beside them.  Waking up early at 4am and thinking of the next situation again and again became normal to me.  I always imagine myself sleeping and waking up without them...this gives me tears.

Prepare to be in this situation. The tears will be there always...but you can still fight for it.

Money is everything...This, for me, is applicable in Singapore.  You can not eat, live and travel if you don't have money.  The worst nightmare your friends may encounter is YOU borrowing them money.  Your friends are just here to guide you, but they are not your Bank.

Remember that you came here to solve your problem and not adding problem to someone else. Prepare your money before going here.  Below is some computations that might be helpful. This is for a 2-month budget.

Room Sharing Rental: S$300 x 2 mths  = S$600 (you can find below S$300 much better)
Public Utility (water, gas, electricity)      = S$  60 (depends on your flat-mates usage)
Food:  S$7.50 x 30 days x 2 mths         = S$450 (eat at Hawkers, bring your own water)
Travel: S$3.00 x 30 days x 2 mths         = S$180 (going for interview, job hunt, recreation)
Communication: S$20 x 2 mnths            = S$  40 (buy your SIM here)

I came here bringing P80,000 (S$2,350) for my survival and never borrowed money from a friend.  One friend help me by letting me share his room for a month...See how lucky and blessed I am?

*if you have a question or clarification, please leave your comment below
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  1. Very useful entry for all of us who doesn't know what to do next, after your EPEC is approved. I've been planning this many times but actually receiving EPEC approval from MOM made it TOO real for me. I know we are strangers here, reading another stranger's experience and hopefully learn alot as I go along the same path, but somehow I find myself pulling strength from your entries. Thank you very much sir:)

    Chichi from QC

  2. Hey Ben,

    For those who don't have a friend/relative with whom we can share the place... do you know any sites you can recommend we search for rooms?

  3. Yes, you can search for the Room for rents at the Singbie site...

  4. you are the man, ben! btw, just out of curiosity, in that website that u gave, how do u know of so many rooms for rent?

  5. I'm doing all the research. You can call those contacts. The rooms may not be available due to strong demand. I will update it every 15 days. Someone who will be looking for tenants, they can also post at that site.

  6. Only EPEC approval letter and air ticket to enough for go to singapore and have any other documents required or anything else

  7. Please read the Part 2 of this, I had itemized the things you need to bring on that post. See link below.

  8. wala nmn po akong nakitang room for rent sa Singbie site -

    1. I had already removed the room for rent from the forum...


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