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Thursday, April 7, 2011

How I Found A Job in 4 Days?

Getting a job interview in 4 days is almost impossible for a job-seeking tourist in Singapore.  This is my experience when I went here.

As soon as I arrived in Singapore, I made it sure to send more than 200 resumes a day.  It was daytime when I stepped in the house of my friend and the very first thing I asked him is where can I connect my laptop?

What Tool Did I Use?
Laptop is the MOST important thing that you need to bring when you are job seeking.  Notice that I capitalized the word "most", because it's highly recommended.  This is your tool in finding a job quickly and efficiently.  It was my experience in the UAE (United Arab Emirates) and I learned from there.  It is handy and can connect anywhere as long as there is Wifi. It is also the tool to keep you away from boredom.

Remember, you are away from your family and love ones, money is depleting, and no one to talk to because everyone are strangers.  Mr. HP, Mr. Asus, Mr, Dell and the Japanese guy Toshiba-san are the best names that you need.

Job-Seeking Attitude
I stayed away from the entertainment world like Facebook, Twitter and other time-consuming and luring sites.  This I swear not to click on it during my job seeking.

My friend told me that I need to go out of the room sometimes.  He was worried because I was job seeking full time in my room.  He even joked that "Don't jump out of the window, ok!".  The resting time is just going to the toilet, breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Because all of this sacrifices, I say, will SOON give me time to travel around Singapore. Which is true!

Now, I have more time to visit Marina Bay Sands, Orchard, Botanic Garden, Chinatown, Pasir Ris Fishing Pond, Singapore Zoo and etc...

What and Where Did I Seek?
I have few other friends who are working in Singapore and they are my guide. Ben Alagnam is not in the blogging world that time *sigh*.  So, I gathered the sites which they've recommended and so I followed.  Here is the list of the job websites.

These are the three websites where I sent my resumes.

I also buy the newspapers every Wednesday and Saturday.  The reason for the specific day is that, this is the day where the jobs are posted in the Classified Ads section.

This is the Newspaper that I buy every
Saturday's and Wednesday's
Where Did I Found My Job?
On the very first day that I started to send my resumes. One caller, a job agent, called up and asked me few questions regarding my status in Singapore.  I thought that it was my lucky day, but unfortunately, they did not call me back. They don't like handsome men in there company. Haha!

Every time my phone rings, I'm making it sure that I have my pen and a notebook to note every details that my caller will say.

So, three days passed and someone called me again in my mobile.  This time, it's a different employer.  The Singaporean-English "Singlish" vibrated my eardrum.  The tone is not so audible because I am not used to understand this kind of language.  My ears seems sticking-red on my mobile and making it sure that I have to hear the right words.

This is what I heard that time...the words that changed my life in Singapore.

"Hello, is this blah blah blah, I am from blah blah and I saw your resume at Jobs Central"

"Yes sir, I am!"

"I would like to arrange an interview with you at our office this day and this time..."

"Yes sir I will go there.  By the way, what is the name and the address?"

As I heard the last word and as soon as we hanged up the phone...I inhaled to my very deep breath and shouted  ...YESSSS!!!


  1. Wow! This is very inspiring! It only shows that great things happen to those people who have remarkable patience and self-discipline. Thanks so much for sharing this :-)

  2. Sir I have a question, what status do I have to say if the employers called me? My friend told me he can send an invitation letter from SG so I can stay for 30 days in SG and look for a job. Thanks alot.

  3. That's the part I forgot to mention in this post...thanks for reminding. Just say to them that you have a Tourist Visa. If you have an EPEC certificate, tell them that you have one. :)

  4. hi. i would like to ask,when your printed out and sent the resumes to prospective employers,did you include a local or singapore address and a local phone number?

    thank you so much for taking the time to answer all our questions.

    God be with you.

  5. Hi, you have to indicate your contact details in Singapore such as address, mobile number, email, & EPEC number at the top most part of CVs, besides your photo. The reason is that employer won't have any excuse on not contacting you. :D

  6. Hi Sir, from waht industry are you from?


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