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Friday, April 15, 2011

Haircut in Singapore: How Much?

Just got my hair done today and now feeling 2-kgs. lighter...

I usually get my hair cut in the Philippines, this is when I visit home for my vacation.  The haircut costs me just S$1.10 (P40.00) in a barber shop that are along the streets and S$4.00 (P120.00) for those inside the malls.

But this time, I can't wait for my next vacation and I felt heavy with my hair.  So, I decided to go to the barber shop when I passed by along Boonlay market.

I parked my car near the barber shop and placed the parking coupon on the dashboard.  I only placed 30minutes (S$0.50) 'cause I thought that it will not be that long.

I arrived at the barber shop, just an ordinary shop like street shops in the Philippines.  I know from afar that it is a barber shop because of the barber tube sign, which has a swirling blue and red stripes.  Then a banner was posted on their glass door stated as:

Cost of Haircut 
Girl - S$10.00 (P340)
Boy - S$5.00 (P170)
W/wash - S$3.00 (P100)

Wow! This is cheaper than I thought because saloons or barber shops at the Singapore malls will cost S$10 (P340) for boys and S$16 (P520) for girls and might go up depending on the length of the girl's hair.

So, I went in and the barber is a girl, I don't know how to call her...Barbera?  It's like a warrior, hehe! She took her weapon (scissors) and asked me about the style.

I don't have any idea what to call the George Clooney or the Oasis haircut, but I just pointed some pictures of the men at their wall.

Then she told me that it is called a "Spike" with a "Slope". Oh, I see...! Then I told her to start the cutting...She did in just 15 minutes and after that, she gave me this....
Wet wipes after the hair cut
Lesson learned: I better have my haircut done in the Philippines.  I found it expensive here, my goodness!!!

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