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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Five Dollar (S$5) Entrance Fee at Universal Studios Singapore: Is it True?

Note (as of Sept. 10, 2011): I asked the USS attendant and she said they will resume this $5 entrance on September 16, 2011. Please wait for further announcement or call +65 6577 8888 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            +65 6577 8888      end_of_the_skype_highlighting.

Is it really true that the S$5 entrance at the Universal Studios Singapore is OVER?  Does it exist?

These questions had challenged me one Saturday morning.  What is really the truth about this entrance fee that cost less than 10% of the normal one.

I jumped off my bed, took my bath and put on my clothes.  A pair of shorts, t-shirt and a flipflop is what I wore that day.  Then at 3pm, I arrived at the entrance of Universal Studios Singapore, the ticketing section.

I've been to this place about 5 times now and it looks just like before, though the globe was under repair.  They covered it with blue-painted cardboard, and made those tourists unlucky and disappointment.

Anyway, I'm not a tourist, sort of...I asked the girl at the ticketing booth, wearing red uniform, about the S$5 dollar entrance fee.  She told me this:

Universal Studios Singapore
Entrance Fee : S$5
Every Friday and Saturday
Time: 6:30pm (selling of tickets)
         7:00pm - 10:00pm
Fireworks: 9:00pm depends on the weather.  If its raining, definitely no fireworks, so better pray not to rain, for this is the only chance.
Restrictions: No rides and half of the Universal Studios is only open for thrifty tourists, haha.  You can take pictures until Madagascar and before the Galactica.

So I queued up at 6:00pm and luckily, they started selling tickets at 6:15pm. The line is long with a 10 seconds per accommodated person. It took me 15 minutes to get the ticket.

Yes, I got the ticket and waited for the 7:00pm opening of the gate.  At 6:50pm, the people queued up to the gates so I hurried and joined them.  The gate opened and this is what it looks like....

So indeed, the myth of the S$5 Universal Studios Singapore is TRUE!...If you happen to be at Singapore on a Friday or Saturday itinerary, come visit the place, it's worth it.

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  1. Hi, Ben

    This is interesting. Does the offer still stand until now? we're scheduled to visit Sept 24. Do you also know of establishments selling promo F1 Grand Prix tickets for Sept 25? Kindly email me.


  2. I went to Universal Studios last week and the attendant said that they will resume the $5 entrance on September 16, 2011.

    I'll check if I can find the F1 tickets.Hopefully.

  3. hi mr. alagnan,

    is the 5SGD USS still being offered until now? Will be in SG come May 2012. I hope it will be offered still by then.

    1. I asked the staff of USS last last 3 weeks and she said that it MIGHT resume on 26 January 2012...the only way for me to know is to go there personally.

  4. how about on apr. 2012 is sgd5 entrance fee still applicable our family we'll be having a tour on april 1 and we are planning to visit universal on apr.8 can i still avail this promo we are about 14 persons to go there

  5. Thanks Ben. Just write to know April 2012 uss sdg5 still on going becos we will be there on the 21. Anyone can confirm will be a great help to us going in April . To Ben, thanks for this thread n GOG bless you.

  6. Is it still $5 for now?

  7. Just called to check. It is no longer available. They have other promo on now

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