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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Weird Building at Marina Bay Sands

The excitement of Ben is pumping when the itinerary for the weekend is the Marina Bay Sands.  

I was there at the opening of the Marina Bay Sands Helix Bridge few months ago, but we are not allowed to come in at that time, only half of the bridge was open.  

But this time, the place is fully open, so that means, we can take photos and videos...*demon laugh*. As we're approaching the Marina Bay Sands, I made it sure to take a photo of it...   

Marina Bay Sands photo taken along Temasek Avenue
The view taken at the intersection of Temasek and Raffles Avenue
We alighted at the bus stop just in front of Marina Bay Seating Gallery and we walked about 3 minutes and went up to the mouth of the Helix Bridge, then I took this photo...
Marina Bay Sands - taken at the mouth of the Helix Bridge
We are curious to know what was that building with a shell like figure or a hand, I think?  So we walked through the bridge for about 5 minutes and reached the entrance to the Marina Bay Sands mall...
Marina Bay Sands mall Entrance
Then, I looked at my right and the view of the weird building is towering over me.  It is bigger than what I had expected.  My goodness, what a huge structure!

At the foot of the Marina Bay Sands, looking at the structure
I wanted to know what's the name of the building and is there any special thing inside?  So, we went down to take a closer look...
So, it is a museum...Art Science Museum 
We went inside and checked how much would be the fee to get in...Oh, it's just S$30.00. Then I said, "I don't really like museums". *sour-graping dude* 

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  1. from lucky plaza orchard rd. anong bus ang sasakyan to get to helix bridge? pls. help. thanks

  2. Ride the bus 106 on front of Tong Building, besides Lucky Plaza...alight at Marina Bay Sands Hotel (Bayfront Avenue) travel time estimate -15min... and walk to Helix Bridge, ENJOY!


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