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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Stolen Crocs in Singapore

Excited to see the swimming pool, we packed up early.  Usually, when going to places like swimming complex, we just wear our shorts and flip flops and we're good to go.  But in the pool, you have to wear the swimming wear.

Anyway, as we reached the place, we headed to the locker room.  My friend was wearing his Crocs sandals and me wearing my Oakley's.  I decided to place my Oakley sandals inside the locker because I knew that "Zero Crime Does Not Mean No Crime".  I was getting used to hiding precious things, because of the place where I was born.  But, my friend just placed his Crocs sandals just beside the bunch of other swimmer's sandals lined up out of the lockers.  He said, "This is Singapore, no one will touch your sandal".

We went in to the dressing section and changed our swimming attire.  The pool was so nice, slides and an olympic-sized pool is what they have there.  Oh, I forgot to tell you...I LOVE SWIMMING!!!

What Happened to the Crocs?
So, we enjoyed a lot and that took us almost a whole day.  Tired and wasted, we jump out of the pool and headed to the locker area, then took our showers.  My friend asked me if I've seen his Crocs. I said NO! We were together then...hello!

There is no other conclusion to think but the Crocs was STOLEN!  That's because he did not put his sandal inside the locker...careless bastard! We saw a camera inside the locker room and decided to ask the information center if we could review the camera.  Then, we asked the lady in the information if we can do that.  The lady informed us that they can only do that if we have the Police report.  Ahhh, Okay!

Boarding the Bus Without Sandals
So my friend and I decided to just go back home without him wearing any sandals/slippers at all.  We boarded the bus and pretended that nothing is wrong.  The guy in front of us looked at us and down to my friends feet.  We hold our breath to avoid blowing out of laughter...

We reached home Crocsless and tired...


  1. This story got me laughing...crocless all the way home! I admire your friend for not purchasing footwear on your way home. Lesson learned, and you could not have said it better: Zero crime does not mean no crime! There's always a first for everything, this should always be put into consideration. Great post!


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