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Thursday, March 24, 2011

South Africa Yellow Plum

I was at the grocery store and looking at the fruits display.  There I can see common fruits such as apples, green or red, big and small.  It was common so I decided to look for more on the other end of the fruit stand.

A yellow fruit attracted my iris, so I went nearer to it. It has a unique name "South Africa Yellow Plum".  So, I decided to take 1 pack, which has about 10 pieces of it.  The price is SGD2.15 for a 500g pack.  Not that bad at all.

I went home and washed two of the plums and stared at it while holding it on my hands...looked at the nice yellow, almost neon-colored fruit.  This is my first time to see this.

Then my mouth just opened from the look of it and took a half bite.  My face started to crumple as the sour taste crawled down to my tongue. I took another bite and the sweetness of it came after. The fruit is not that ripe, I thought.

Then the second fruit was waiting and thought I could give it a chance to be eaten.  The first bite on the second fruit was totally different.  The sweetness of the plum was overwhelming.

I got the ripe "South African Yellow Plum"...the juice is just right.

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