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Monday, March 14, 2011

Singapore Budget Terminal Experience

It was 11:00pm when I arrived at the Changi Airport from my HDB.  I have to make sure that I will reach the airport 2 hours before my flight.  As I alighted the MRT Station, turned left to exit and stepped on to the escalator, the sign "To Budget Terminal" is visible on my way up. Every corner that I head has the sign of it.  Informative enough even a grade school pupil can follow.

At the Bus Station to Budget Terminal
Then, I followed the arrow where it leads me to the Bus Station.  I saw few people waiting and mostly are my fellow Filipinos "Kababayan".  I was shy to greet them so I just stayed at one corner, pretending that I'm thinking about the deepest ocean.  Then I saw the bus schedule that states:

Bus to Budget Terminal (Waiting Time)
10 min - 5:00am to 1:59am
20 min - 2:00am to 4:59am

Well, I'm too early for my flight so the 10-minute waiting time is not that bad.  After about 5 minutes, the bus arrived and we prepared to board.  Some of the passengers placed their baggage at the bus compartment.  My things are not that heavy, I decided to carry along. As I entered the bus, there is no tapping in device because it's FREE! Yeah!!

At the Budget Terminal
Before the smile on my face faded, the bus starts to proceed to our destination.  It took us around 10 minutes to reach the Budget Terminal.  As it's slowing down, I can see people queuing inside the terminal.  It was the queue for the Cebu Pacific or the Tiger Aiways, I thought.
Outside Singapore Budget Terminal 
Then the bus opened its doors, the McDonald's fast food, inside the terminal, was visible on my left. As the automatic door of the terminal opened, I saw the queue for the Cebu Pacific have already been a 20-passenger length.  Oh my, I'm too early to be late...

The queue started to move one by one at a 3-minute per passenger.  It takes longer when some "Kababayans" brought all of their "Sala Sets", inside a box.  And even longer when those who have over weight...not the passenger, but the baggage.  They'll remove some of their belongings and insert it to where they could possibly insert.  Aargh! It took 45 minutes when It was my turn.

I handed my passport and e-ticket to the lady and placed my baggage on the weighing conveyor, the digits started to rise 8...13...15kg....I thought it would rise more but it stayed at 16kg.  Weew!  The limit is 15kg, but the lady just ignored it and handed me the boarding pass.  My backpack has not been weighed.

I held my boarding pass and was lured by the big "M" sign, the McDonalds. So I followed my heart and headed to the counter.  I ordered a burger sandwich and a cup of Milo, to ease my colds.

Another Baggage Check
The immigration gate is just 5-meter away from McDonalds and the toilet is just in between them.  Then, I decided to go in to the gate.  I was surprised to see some passengers goes back from the queue.  So I wondered why they do that.  As I moved on to the queue, there is an airport guy weighing the carry-on baggage, AGAIN!  The girl in front of me said, "PATAY!" "OH, NO, I'M Dead".

Her baggage is over the weight limit of 7kgs, laptop is not included.  Cebu Pacific or the Budget Terminal is indeed strict on this.  The guy told her to go back and to check-in their baggage. Kaching! Few bucks will fly away from her pocket.

When I handed my backpack, the guy placed it on the weighing scale and the digits touched 5kgs.  They can't steal bucks from me this time, haha!

So I prepared my passport, IC, and boarding pass and headed to the immigration officer.  I handed him my documents and he just scanned it and gave it back to me. It took me less than 1 minute.  No questions asked!

Free Internet
As I walked 10 steps away from the officer, I saw the duty free shops...I was lured by the wine shop but it didn't worked.  I have no budget for wine this time, sorry!  So I sat down for a while at the waiting area. The place was nice with a soft foamed chairs. I thought of having a nap, but I saw something...

I saw computers on top of the table.  So I stood up to look at it.  It's a FREE internet! My chance to update my Facebook, haha!  There is a timer in the computer, and it's counting down from 15 minutes while you surf.  It's still alright since 15 minutes is long enough.

Boarding Gate
My Facebook has been updated at 1:00 in the morning.  So I decided to proceed to the boarding gate.  It was a 5-minute walk from the Duty Free.  I saw crowds of people sleeplessly waiting for the plane with limited seats at the area. Some are standing and yawning.

The plane arrived as expected then the crew instructed the elderly and passengers with babies to queue first.  Then we started to walk at the tarmac to the Cebu Pacific airplane staircase.  The sky was clear with the twinkling stars saying, "BEN, see you in the Philippines!"


  1. That's a well-written article on Budget Terminal Ben. Thank you very much for that. Baggage weight restrictions are imposed by the airline. Have a pleasant trip and see you at Changi Airport or Budget Terminal again soon.

  2. thanks for this one


  3. Thanks. This is really helpful. We will be visiting Singapore soon for the first time, that's why I am browsing for helpful tips. nice...


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