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Friday, March 25, 2011

The Right Way to Wash Your Hands

There are many ways and steps on how to clean our hands. One suggests that you have to use "Safeguard" soap to get rid of the 99% of germs...Nice! Another said that NO! It's not need to wash for as long as 15 seconds. 

Okay, so I think the seconds with a soap seems logical.  But, the most famous way is to sing one Happy Birthday song while washing. If you don't know the lyrics, just hum it.

Then, an innovator came in and told the public that one Happy Birthday song is not enough, it should be Two!!!  What is really the right one?  So, that means all I did before was totally wrong and have been eating more of the bacteria all along. Common!!!

Washing your hands the Singapore Way!
So, one day, I was in my client and received a call, from nature.  I went in the toilet and saw this sign...

another innovator's idea. So all of the steps were wrong.  I have eaten all the germs, bacteria and everything before this!!! What the...?

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