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Friday, March 18, 2011

How To Claim Your Employment Pass (EP) Card

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My employer renewed my Employment Pass and it's time for me to claim at the Ministry of Manpower.  So, I made an appointment online with the Employment Pass Services Center (EPSC), a branch of MOM, and it took me less than 3 minutes to do that.  I printed the copy of the appointment "Confirmation Slip for Appointment at EPSC".

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What are the requirements?
After I've set my appointment, I then prepared the documents such as:
- In-Principle Approval (IPA) Letter & Notification Letter and the documents stated on the letter.
- Original Declaration form signed by the Employer and Employee.
- Confirmation Slip
- Old Employment Pass (EP) Card
- Passport
Where did I claim my new EP Card?
The EPSC is located at this address:
20 Upper Circular Road, #04-01/02, The Riverwalk, Singapore 058416
So, I boarded the MRT (Green Line) and alighted at Outram Park MRT Station.  Then transfered to the MRT (Purple Line), with a platform sign "To Punggol".

I alighted at Clarke Quay MRT Station and exit at EXIT E. The sign "To EPSC" are everywhere so I haven't had a hard time finding it. I took a photo below standing at the exit.  Since Riverwalk is at the other side of the road, there are two options where I can get there.
(Option 1) Escalator at the left is going to the Overpass to Riverwalk

(Option 2) Pedestrian crossing to the Riverwalk, which is the white building.
So, I used the Option 1, and stepped in to the escalator and followed the path going to the overpass.

Escalator to the overpass
At the overpass overlooking the Riverwalk building
So I walked along the path, leading me to this location.
I went in to that door with a canopy near the dark blue truck.
As I entered the building, saw the elevator, went in and pressed the level 4 button with a small sign of "Employment Pass Services Center".

Up to the 4th floor, the elevator door opened, I stepped out, walk few steps then turned left and saw this view...
This is the EPSC. The entrance to the filing of documents is at the left and
card releasing is at the right.
Inside the EPSC
I went in the Entrance, left part of the photo, and found the four kiosks machines.  I inserted and scanned the bar code, which is printed at the top right portion of my Confirmation Slip.  A receipt went out of it that serves as my queuing number.

The place is wide with around 6 counters at the middle of the room.  I sat down at the soft sofa, it feels like HOME, ahhh!  Before I was able to lean my back to the sofa, my name appeared on all six 42" LCD screens with a direction "please proceed to any available counter".  I stood up and saw the lady at the counter waving her hands on me.

At the counter, I presented all my documents and the lady did all her stuff.  After that, she gave me back my passport, confirmation slip, claim slip and the IPA letter. She advised me to go to the Card Releasing area and claim my card there.  I carried my things going to the area and presented the claim slip to the Auntie.  She searched for my card and handed it to me.

Oh boy!!! The system was so fast, it just took me 3 minutes to do all those things.  I was so amazed! As compared to the Philippine LTO, which I recently renewed my license, took me 3 hours...Awww!

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  1. your article is really clear...but i have one you know where is the photo taking service? i know there is a photo taking service over there...i'm going to get one day to explore if you have no appointment is by next tuesday...

  2. As far as I can remember, it's just beside the escalator, right side. See my last photo above.

  3. Do you need a photo for EP renewal? My old EP was 2 years ago. Going to renew soon. I'm kinda hoping that they wont use the same photo as 2 years ago..

  4. Unfortunately, they'll still use the old photo.

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