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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

How it Rains in Singapore

I was hungry and was at 2:00pm, got my umbrella and headed to the Hawkers.  Eating alone, so I started to take a video of the rain dropping.  This is how Singapore rains...a usual and unpredictable weather.  Singapore has two seasons, rainy and sunny.  You'll never know when it rains...

Dieses Video ansehen...


  1. I will be coming to SG by January 2012. Your blog has been a good resource for what is really like in SG. Keep up the good work. I know many SG job hunters like me will benefit a lot from your write-ups.

  2. Hi Zyra, thank you for appreciating my blog. It's good to know that you are planning to visit Singapore. Please help me share this site to your friends. :D


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