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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Experience at Suntec JobsDB Job Fair (March 25-27 2011)

Too tired, just came from the JobsDB Job Fair at Suntec today.

I was excited to tell you guys about my experience in the Job Fair 2011.  But before that, I would like to remind you that tomorrow, that is March 27 is the last day of the fair.

If you have not visited the fair yet, you might change your mind after reading my story.

My Experience at Suntec Job Fair 2011
I was hurrying up to reach the meeting time with my friend.  So I alighted at the City Hall MRT Station and took a 15-minute walk to Suntec.  The sign "Suntec City" is all over that I don't have to worry where I'm going.

So I met my friend at Level 1 and  filled up a registration form with my name, IC or Passport number and went to the Registration booth to get a career card.
Registration booth
The career card has a barcode on it, where it will be used on my job applications later on. I haven't updated my resume at JobsDB yet, so I was asked to do it at the 4th floor and they gave me these...
Dyson give aways and the career card.
Inside the Hall 
Off we go to the 4th floor and two guys at the front door checked our career card and gave us a signal to go in.  The first thing we saw was the recruitment booth of the Police Force.  Too bad, we can not apply because we are not Singaporeans...denied on the spot!

We proceed to the updating section, located at the back end of the exhibition hall.  The signs of "UPDATE" and "SCAN YOUR RESUME" are big enough for us to notice.  So no way for us to be lost.

There were an estimate of 50 computers lined up but we have to queue in.  When it was my turn, first thing I've noticed was that my resume database at JobsDB website is empty.  Seems like I neglected it for a year now.  I have to start from the beginning, need to encode my details again, name, birthday, current occupation, etc... What a waste of time.  I should have brought my resume in paper or in a thumb drive.

Anyway, things are not always perfect so I encoded my details, blah and blah...After that I was given a green circle sticker.  That means I'm ready to go to every booth and apply for the position that I fit in.

The Process is Too Damn Fast!
I tell yah, the process is amazing.  Ok, every booth has a computer and a scanner.  They also have a list of jobs posted on every corner of their walls.  Some of the recruiters put their list of jobs in a sheet of paper, which you need to borrow from them.

I queued up to apply for a position. At my turn, they asked for my career card and scanned it to display my name on the database, then they asked me what position do I want.  They searched the position and the list of jobs are all there.  Few clicks of the mouse were made and my application is DONE!  That took me 2 minutes and five blinks!

There are also computers and scanners on ever corner of the hall so that you can apply to other employers who are not present at the exhibit.  This is how to do it...

1. Scan the career card to login
2. View and select the desired jobs
3. Click "Apply/Submit" to deposit resume information
4. Click "Close window" to continue viewing jobs or "Logout" to exit.

And so the job hunting went on and on until I was tired and exhausted.  We decided to take our snack at the level 1 to refresh our energy and the second reason is, we have to be back at 6pm at the Hall because there is a raffle.

Remember the registration form that I mentioned above? I dropped it in to the drop box so I have the chance to win an iPAD... :( this is a sad face, you know why? My name was not picked. No iPAD...cry and cry!

It's alright, the most important is that I was able to send my resume to those employers.  Who knows, they'll offer me the salary which I can now afford to buy an iPAD!

What do you think? Please leave your comment below!!!

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  1. Hi Ben A.! Thank you for blogging about the JobsDB Job Fair, now I have an idea about their process. I will go to Singapore on March5 to look for a job and I might as well go to the JobsDB Job Fair 2012 on march 23 to 25. Keep blogging! :)


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