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Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Word Respect for Me in Singapore

Respect, is the word which I can describe the behavior of people in Singapore.  This is what I have observed since I arrived here.

Everywhere you see are people from different races.  Majority from India, China, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Myanmar and Philippines...this is as far as I can dictate.  These people have their own culture and tradition, which you and I cannot change.

Every time there are occasions from birthdays to death vigils, marriage and other cultural celebrations. Singapore is open with it.  Everyone can celebrate it below the HDB Multi Purpose Halls.

Just this evening, some race, which I'm not familiar of, have celebrated something special.  We can hear the singing and some drum beats.  This is normal here, but the best part is, the celebration will exactly stop at 10pm. This is what I call respect...

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