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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Why I Chose Singapore to Work?

What happened on my fate in the UAE have left me a scar on my confidence.  But then, I started to look for another option.  I thought and tried to apply for an Agency to work to Canada, but no one replied to me.  I even sent my resume to an Agency for Saudi, but they did not even called me even once.

What was wrong with me?  What's wrong with my credentials and experience?  Are these all are just a scrap?  Too many questions which I dug on my broken soul.

Then, I realized that I have this option C, going to Singapore as a tourist and look for a job.  I have tried it once in UAE, so I think I can do it the second time. A gamble or risk that I have to take one more time.  It involves a lot of money though, for me.  But what if I was right?

So, as soon as I got my EPEC, I started to make a plan.  No turning back and making big mistake is not an option.  Then the day of my flight came, I was still very nervous to go to a strange place.  I heard some views about Singapore and they said that it is a nice place.  There was no Ben Alagnam back then...:)

Choosing Singapore
I arrived in Singapore, and my first word in my mouth says, WOW!  I never had a chance to see such a Philippine-like place, but a clean and organized environment.  Almost everything for me are awesome!

I told to admiration of Singapore is just temporary, I will get used to it as time goes by.  But then, I have stayed for more months and I still see Singapore as a nice place.  So I listed down what I like with this place...

1. Singapore has no Earthquake, Storm, Typhoon, it.
2. The climate is like Philippines during February, whole year round.
3. Low racial discrimination. I haven't experienced once, or am I just ignoring it?
4. RESPECT, everyone respects other culture, tradition.  No religion is neglected.
5. My tickets back to Philippines are every 2 months and the flight is just a 3-hour ride by plane.
6. Sending money is easy, just remit and pay S$4.00.
7. The salary is way better than Philippines.
8. I can walk at 2am without any fear of robbery.
9. Transportation is the best. Everything are networked by Bus and MRT.

These are just few of my reasons which I chose Singapore as the best place to work, and hopefully if I will be approved as a Permanent Resident, I will still stay here with my Family.

If you are planning and choosing a place to work? Try this as your Option C...

This video is my inspiration on keeping my job, please watch...Are You Blessed With Your Job?

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