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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Singapore Botanic Garden

Got a long holiday this week because it's Chinese New Year. So, I decided to go to the Singapore Botanic Garden to see the beautiful flowers, orchids in particular, and took photos of it.

I took the entrance at Nassim Gate located at Nassim Road, where the Visitor Center is located and there are available carparks. The parking nearest to the Center is full so I decided to park in front of Raffles Building.  The carpark at raffles has a capacity of more than 500 parking lots.  It took me 15 mins to find the right carpark.

Because it's Chinese New Year, the entrance were all in red danglers and a lot of Chinese decorations. I took a 360Ben here at the Entrance of Botanic Garden. Watch these...

The Symphony Lake
The view of the lake is Awesome!  I took photos of it.  The field surrounding the lake is wide and you can have your picnic and gatherings there.  Bring your food, packed lunch and some matting for you to sit.

Open field around the lake

This is a slope going to the lake and the stage.

The stage has a unique design.
Has a resemblance with a clam or some kind of a leaf.

At the National Orchid Garden
This is my favorite part. I paid S$5 for the entrance, was so excited to look at the beautiful flowers.  You know me, I like flowers, I'm a flower-lover guy! See some of the pictures which I took.

At the entrance of National Orchid Garden

You got to see this place in person...there's nothing you can compare when you're there and holding those flowers.

That was a fulfilling day, but tiring.  I think,  I had walked a total of 4 kilometers...whew!  Maybe, it's time to make a brand name for me, "The Working Tourist!"

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