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Monday, January 31, 2011

Power Outlets in Singapore

The most important thing for a tourist or a new comer in a country is communication.  This, of course, needs devices such as cellphones and computers.  It might not be a high tech one, as long as it's functioning well.

When I arrived in Singapore, I took out my cellphone to charge it.  Then inserted the power cord connector to my phone and the other is on the outlet. A big surprise popped up! The outlet is not the same with the Philippine standards! What the....!!!

This is what Singapore outlets look like, with ON and OFF switch on it.  Safety awareness indeed! All Singapore outlets are with these type.

Two wires for Line and Neutral and 1 Ground, usually at the top.
With safety switch on it.
My roommate has a Nokia charger with this type of plug, so I borrowed his for a while.  The plug has two pins and the grounding is made up of plastic.
Nokia charger in Singapore

Two pins are Line and Neutral,
the plastic one on top is the Ground (not used)

Side view of the charger.
 So, on the next day, I bought the adapter for my cellphone and laptop as well. This cost me less than S$5.00. You can insert a Philippine standard plug and the ones with rounded pins. This is what it looks like.

Adapter plug.
I was happy to have an all in one adaptor, this I bought in Fairprice Supermarket. One adapter to rule them all!!!

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