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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Philippine Embassy Schedule

I was walking twice as I could from the Lucky Plaza to the Philippine Embassy.  Taking a chance to get in the gate before it closes.  It was a Saturday afternoon at around 4pm and it was raining.

As I was walking at Naseem Street, I haven't seen anyone walking to and from the Embassy, I wondered.  So I proceed to the place.  I arrived at exactly 4:30pm at the gate and no one is around.  I saw a banner and says..."Philippine embassy is under renovation".  My sweat started to drop and felt cold, all my 30-min walk was unrewarded.

I decided to post these reminders to you guys that there is a new or temporary schedule for visiting the Embassy.

This is the schedule for the Philippine Embassy.

I was unlucky that day, oh well, it's alright and was still happy to know that the Philippine Embassy is now improving...Renovation means Progress!

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