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Saturday, February 5, 2011

No Chance to Work Abroad

What if my EPEC had not been approved?  

From the very first time that my EPEC was rejected, my whole world seemed dark and I can't believe what had just happened.  I felt like I'm a useless being, don't know what to do and my options are narrowing.  Staring at the MOM rejection email is so painful.  I told my wife that this I think is my destiny.  Maybe I had been disapproved because I have something to share here in our country, Singapore is not the place where I should be...

This is what I was reminiscing few days ago.  What my life in the Philippines be like if my EPEC was not approved by Singapore?

The fact that I am that paranoid enough to leave my country, I still want to be with my family.  The reason for me to work in Singapore is to earn more money and experience.  What do I mean about MORE is that I was earning in the Philippines, but it's not enough.  My family is expanding, growing the need of financial and taking away my financial freedom.  This is not what I want for me and my family.

Working here is just temporary for me because I know that I'm still hanging on a thread.  I want to be a PR, (Permanent Resident) but still don't know if I will be approved.  What if I'm not...?

So just few hours ago, I started looking for something for my Option B.  This is an option for me if everything about my Singapore Life will not work out well.

I stumbled upon this e-book of Kenny Yap.  He is an entrepreneur who have been able to succeed through selling things and not working with employers.

What I will do is to follow these tips and might as well go back in my homeland and do business together with my family, where I could hug my kids and wife everyday. Showing them the love not in Yahoo Messenger, Skype or Facebook...but through the real hands of a Father and husband.

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