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Friday, February 4, 2011

Hawkers in Singapore

My stomach is growling when I see this place.  Stomach says, it's time to eat our meal.  This place is famous to all low-budget-eating people, like me...LOL.  We call this as Hawker.

When I first heard this word, like "Have you been to a Hawker?".  What comes in my mind is some sort of a guy thing.  I was wrong because it was spelled differently...Guys, you know what I mean! 

Anyway, you can see hawkers like the photos below and some are found underneath HDB buildings or commercial buildings.
Hawkers, eatery in Singapore
The Hawker has tables and chairs, usually in mono blocks.  The place is quite similar to "Karenderia" , eatery in Philippines.  But this is cleaner, I think!  I have no negative feedbacks taken from these places.  I haven't seen a single fly since I arrived in Singapore.  If your lucky enough to see one, you've just WON a free raisin on your plate. LOL!

First, when you come to eat at the Hawker, you have to find a chair and a table.  Put something on it and that place is already reserved.  I noticed that some put a single pack of tissue paper on top of the table and whallaa! It's reserved. What the..#@$!  So better be the first to place that tissue paper, huh!

Inside the Hawker has different types of food and stalls. You have to go to your favorite stall and place your order and wait for your food.  Unlike with restaurants, they'll take the order for you.

After you have taken your food, get some fork and spoon or chopstick, and proceed to your reserved table.  Some Aunties, like waitresses, they come at you and asks an order for your drink.  Other Hawkers don't have this type, so you have to go to the Drinks stall to order.
One type of stall where they served noodles
Get your stomach a break and try those food varieties.  I'm sure you will have a fine day!

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  1. Where can I find Hawker? i'm starving :P

  2. Hawker's can be found at almost every block of HDB's. What is your location?


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