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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Eating Buko in Chinatown

 When I was in Chinatown, I saw this stall selling this type of drink.  I was curious enough to take a little peek on to the ice box.

A similar fruit from the Philippines digged in to my memory.  We call this as "buko" or young coconut.

I thought, naahhh...have already taste this fruit and we have plenty of this in the Philippines.  But, then I decided to buy one just to have a taste of it.  The Auntie asked me if I want the S$1.50, the small size, or the S$2.00, which is the bigger size.  So the bigger the better and I took it.

She broke the tip off the coconut and as soon as the top part is open, she placed a straw.  Nice! In the Philippines, we placed it in a cellophane with a straw.  This time, it's in the fruit itself.   

The coconut juice is sweet and the coconut shell is handy...Is it really a Fruit or a Nut? I wonder!

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