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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Are you Blessed with your Job?

A lot of us, OFW's, are complaining about the wages that we are earning.  It seems that S$2,000 is not enough for us.  From the first day that we started our job, we never complained about the offer.  But when times goes by, we are now sour-mumbling about our employers.  This is because we are now comparing ourself to those who have been successful "Pioneers".

Guilty as judged, I am one of this OFWs and also have the same feeling.  Then, I saw this video that will change my perspective of work and life.  

This is the reality, and OFWs need to wake up and realize how blessed they were for having their current jobs. Watch this video from Part 1 to 6, a documentary film from BBC "Toughest Place to Be a Bus Driver" in Manila, Philippines. 

PART 1 of 6

PART 2 of 6

PART 3 of 6

PART 4 of 6

PART 5 of 6

PART 6 of 6

Now, I realized how blessed I am with my current job in Singapore. 

Taking back my memories working in Philippines, it seems I haven't seen these problem as I'am already getting used to it.  It's so different now, I can compare my job and the reward that I get from Mang Rogelio.

This is all I can say to my fellow OFWs, please count your Blessings...

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