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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Twitter Account of Ben Alagnam

Today, one of my reader wants to know the update of my blog. So I thought that I should have a Twitter account and name it as benalagnam.  This is a nice idea and I want to thank her for that.

So, I just made my twitter to let you know that you can follow me and know more about me.  This will be your guide and will keep you updated to what am I doing everyday, weekly or monthly.

For each of my post, I will make sure that you will learn something from it and will see it as informative, inspiring and motivational.

Thank you for reading my blog and hopefully you'll follow me on Twitter or like my Facebook account.


  1. isn't it a risk to bring some CVs? because a friend of my mind wasnt allowed to travel there when his luggage was opened and checked and the immigration officer found the CVs. this is one of my concern before traveling to SG this 3rd week of May.

    By the way, I really would like to inform you that your blog is a blessing. Thank you for being a big help to us. may God bless you.

  2. Hi, yes it is a risk. I wonder why his luggage where opened?maybe he looked suspicious. I brought my documents in one bookbinder and inserted all my CVs there. No one bothered to check it. I also brought USB thumb drive with me to make it handy and also sent it to my own yahoo email account so I could retrieve it anytime. There are plenty of ways. Maybe, He is just unlucky this time...


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