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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Toa Payoh: Have a Peek

This is the place where everything about my Singapore Story started.  I stayed in this area, Toa Payoh, as a jobless and desperate job seeker.  

I took some photos of it and might as well share it for you...

That yellow colored building is a school. See the basketball and tennis court, it's so nice but nobody is playing. The building on the left and right are HDB, a low cost condominium type, but still a world class.

This building, a tall one, is a condominium.  Condominium type buildings are the ones with fences and gates and sometimes with security guards. The other one is still under construction.

 That building with an orange roof is a Chinese Temple and everything around it are HDB, Condominiums and office buildings.

See the clean city of Singapore...

If you have a request for me to take a photo of a place you want, as long as it's legal, please leave a comment below.


  1. everywhere in singapore is clean.. grabe. HOpe that would happne here in Philippines.. yung mga housing or tenements...

  2. Yup, tenements are the equivalent of HDB's here, but unfortunately, look at the comparison.


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