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Friday, January 14, 2011

Taxi Cab in Singapore Hotline

I don't use my car if I go to parties because the Don't Drink and Drive policy here is very strict.  You can be fined for a maximum of S$5,000 (P165,000) or 6 months imprisonment for violating this law.

I went to a party with my friends, the party ended at 2:30am and the problem is, Bus and MRT are not available during this time period. So, I decided to take a taxi by calling their hotline.  In just 5 mins, the taxi is beeping...excellent!

Taxi drivers in Singapore are polite and will never cheat you.  Some have GPS and you can pay whatever method you, credit, nets(atm)... name it!

What are the Hotlines of the Taxi's in Singapore?
For Taxi booking, you call these hotlines.

Comfort and City Cab Taxi ------(6552 1111)
SMRT Taxi ----------------------(6555 8888)
Maxi Cab / Limo -----------------(6452 0220)
Prime Taxi -----------------------(6778 0808)
Silver Cab -----------------------(6363 6888)
Smart Taxi -----------------------(6485 7777)
Transcab -------------------------(6555 3333)
Taman Jurong Radio
    Phone Taxi Services Ltd. ------(6265 4553) 24 hrs
6-Dial-Cab ----------------------(6342 5222)

Taxi is convenient but expensive when you ride after 12:30am.  They will add 50% of the total fare during that time.  The flag down rate is around S$3.00 for the new car models and S$2.80 for the old ones.  The other rates depends on what type of taxi you want.  You can call the hotline and ask them for the rates.

During morning commutes, you should take the Bus or MRT.

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