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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sleeping at Changi Airport, Singapore

After the Singapore Immigration, I went out and looked for the luggage conveyor, where my things were.  I've found my luggage, took it out and I proceed to the money-changer, which is a few meters away.

The rate was then at P32.40 per S$1.00. You can see at the top right of my blog for the current exchange rate. I exchanged for a S$100, enough for me to be at my friends house and buy some groceries.

I was a like a poor man, but rich in debt, when I came outside the airport.  Looking at the food store and the restaurants, displaying the food price as S$4.00 to S$6.00.   I was looking for a value of S$1.00 but, nahhh, didn't found any.  I decided to take the Burger King, located at the 2nd level of Terminal 2.  The Burger King crew was way beyond my understanding. They pronounced the English words differently, and can't understand it clearly.  All I did was to nod on whatever he said and just looked at the my bill.

It was almost midnight and the MRT and Buses are not available. I can't ride the taxi because at this time, they are really expensive.  It will cost me S$30.00.  My friend told me to just spend my night at the airport then he'll fetch me in the morning.  

I decided to spend my night at the Changi Airport.  The seats on every corner were vacant so I placed my things at the side and found myself a comfortable position for me to sleep.  This I found out the sleeping is allowed in this airport because nobody stopped me.  I slept for 5 hours and went to the cafe and took my breakfast...

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